We have never met an opportunity we didn’t like.

Blank gives you the opportunity to buy your dream home. Or third. To purchase the bottle of wine based on the tasting notes and not just the price. Or the opportunity to take your money further — like to the Italian vineyard where said wine is produced.

We allow you to do more when repaying smarter and refinancing more often — ideally every two years. Saving you lots over the life of, well, just that — your life. Affording you the opportunity to live
it to the most.

Bernard Desmond


They say there are two guarantees in life, but Bernard securing your mortgage is now unofficially the third.

His confidence comes from 14 years of experience and an unequivocal desire to provide you with the most opportunity from your mortgage. But don’t just take our word for it; Bernard’s strike rate from application to approval is awarded as the best in the industry: 2020 Best Customer Service Adviser, 2019 Residential Broker of the Year and 2018 Australian broker of the Year. Supportive yet honest, Bernard has your best interest at heart and a blank piece of paper in hand, ready to fill it with plans and possibilities.

Bernard sees opportunity getting to understand you and your financial goals better than the rest. He’s personable and tenacious, giving you the ability to take your money further — like that ocean villa in Hawaii.

Lavinia Desmond


At the end of the day, you want to be sure that those with their eyes on your finances are not just seeing details, but opportunities too.

So, that’s exactly what Lavinia does and is passionate about. After all, managing money is Lavinia’s forte and it’s one that she has been perfecting for over a decade now. To Lavinia, your account at Blank is not just a number but a name too. As knowing who you are allows her to pay closer attention to your financial objectives.

Lavinia sees opportunity for you by regularly auditing your finances — and it is this consistency that sets her apart from the complacency of others. She’s compassionate and attentive, affording you the opportunity to be smarter with your money and for every bottle to be Champagne, not sparkling.

Abhishek Sood


Abhishek sees your financial ambitions and raises you to where no objective goes unrequited.

Facilitating the purchase of your new home is a feat he finds as rewarding as refinancing existing ones and consolidating debt. Simplifying the complex, Abhishek has a knack for getting to the bottom of your needs, then taking them to the top of the lender’s list. And it’s this ability to turn every challenge into a chance to exceed your expectations, that explains the remarkable accolades that decorate his track record. That, and his responsibility for over $200 million worth of successful mortgages — and counting.

Settling accounts, credit, and client apprehensions but never for less, Abhishek utilises his extensive experience to advocate for your vision of opportunity. Because if you ask him about his, he’ll tell you that the sky is the limit. But soaring across it with strategic guidance, and the momentum to turn potentials into approvals, affirms that being next to Abhishek is a great place to be. 

Catherine Tasis

Loan Administration Officer

As a right-hand to our mortgage brokers, Catherine knows that doing things right the first time creates you more of it down the line.

With three years of industry experience and the efficiency that only a working mum can attain, Catherine is equal parts smart and strategic. She brings balance to chaos, and opens windows for not just opportunity, but spontaneity. The latter of which is good for her, when it comes to describing her best assets (and unplanned weekend getaways). And good for you, when it comes to ensuring the strength of your loan assessment. File that under things you wish you knew before you stayed up all night worrying.

Most importantly, Catherine sees opportunity in being present. Because contrary to popular belief, time isn’t money; it’s how you spend what you save that creates the real value.

We are Blank.

Blank is for those who: want to own a home, own a home, or own lots of homes.

We see the opportunities that others don’t. Envisioning your life in your new home. And the electronic car of the future parked in the driveway.


The money you could save over the life of your home loan could be enough to buy another one. And the celebratory Champagne to be exactly that.


If the opportunity for multiple loans doesn’t come knocking, we build a door. Knock, knock — you can take that to the blank.
Being different isn’t something we are afraid of. Because there is a certain confidence that comes with award-winning success.

Qualify, Submit, Approved.


As with any responsible lending practices – terms, conditions and lending criteria apply.